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Re: Kurtzman Defends Star Trek Into Darkness

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Glad they did. It's what made TWoK so good.

The Moby Dick crap in TWOK is one of it's weaker elements. If not for Monty's awesome delivery, I think people would see it more for what it really was: a ham-fisted attempt to bring cohesion to a conceptually weak and inconsistent villain.

It's the one thing (Well, besides the score.) that First Contact does better. The comparison of Picard to Ahab was proper allusion. In fact, I'd bet that Braga/Moore would have included it even had it not been in TWOK since it was the natural conclusion to Picard's story arc with the Borg. Even still, like Khan, it too was heavy-handed and probably superfluous.

Staying with First Contact, Picard's silent "Alas, poor Yorick" lament is an example of great allusion. It's powerful in its subtlety, and was an inspired act of sheer brilliance on Stewart's part. I don't have many great things to say about FC, but that's one. Also, the score.
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