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Re: Are we forgetting why Spock is a great character?

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Yes, the same Spock that refused to help his dying father.
Because people generally react the same to [somewhat] similar situations when they're 80 the same way they did when they were 25.

But this demonstrates you clearly don't understand the difference.

It was obvious that NimoySpock was always at odds with Sarek and had a much better relationship with his mother--this goes as far back as "Babel."

This was clearly the case for Quinto Spock as well (as shown in the first act of ST09). But it all changed the instant Amanda was killed. Fast forward to nuSpocks theoretical future, and I guarantee he'll be at nuSarek's bedside should he still develop Vulcan Alzheimer's--which isn't a certainty anymore.

...and this is the same timeline for Spock(prime), just earlier.
But nuSpock has not been friends with Kirk long enough to have established such a strong meaningful bond.

I understand it perfectly.
Your posts suggest otherwise.

So why did Commander Spock lead Khan back to Earth?
He didn't?

But he was never an out of control emotional loon either.
Because, aside from dying and then magically resurrecting, he lived a pretty uneventful life. Non the less, he was still emotional ... all the time.

Thank you. I suppose you say his cameo in this movie was good writing too.
It was an unfortunate necessity. Omitting Spock Prime would have been a plot hole. Having him say, "Yes I'm here. I'm would not normally intervene, but since this the guy everyone in the audience recognizes as Star Trek's uberbad, I'm going to set this one-time exception..." Sets a precedent. This actually part of the reason the villian HAD to be Khan. Now they don't ever have to tap this well again (no matter how many more films they make). Think of it as a prophylactic should something unfortunately happen to Nimoy.

It's actually fastidious, albeit awkward, writing.
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