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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 82; Out of Luck

Thanks for the win!

O'brien: I'm detecting subspace interference ahead. This could be dangerous.
Kira: This is just like the accident that caused Keiko to have to give me your baby, Miles.
Sisko: I don't know what we're going to do with the baby if it happens again.
Kira & Obrien: That's not funny!

Bashir: A holosuite program with the pleasure goddess of Rixx?
Dax: He'll take it.
Bashir: But...
Nog: Don't worry, it's an adaptive program. You can program her to look like anyone you want.
Bashir: Anyone? Thanks Jadzia...
Dax: Not me!
Bashir: Why not?
Nog: I have. Setting Nog-42, Doctor.

Worf: I have to play midwife to his first baby, then babysit his second. There is no end to my dishonor.

Quark: A type three Cardassian phaser, survival suit, rocket pack, a time wrist apparatus with a grapple and laser, and a foreign sports shuttle? What are you doing?
Garak: It's important to maintain a high level of fashion if you want your business to excel.

Krax: I lost the drinking contest to this petaQ?! I am dishonored. I demand a rematch.
Odo: I'm afraid Quark banned you from returning given how often and excessively you emptied your bowels there.
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