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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 82; Out of Luck

O'BRIEN: Huh. Well I guess Bashir did say that the daredevil rescue only had a 0.046% chance of working.
SISKO: Yeah. But I'm used to that meaning it's a sure thing.
O'BRIEN: Okay. Let's scrape him off the hull.

NOG: You want it? They're my baby horns.
DAX: You're kidding right? Ferengi don't have...
NOG: Have you seen any child Ferengi before?
DAX: Oh. Umm...five strips?
NOG: Sold.

Worf confesses his undying love for the ninth Dax host.

GARAK: I'm glad you could meet me here Quark. I have a special mission and you're the only one I trust.
QUARK: again?
GARAK: I have some fresh Bashir quotes, and they can never be traced back to me.

ODO: Is Morn...vomiting latinum?
KLINGON: Ha! I win the drinking contest!
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