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Re: Rolling Stone Magazine calls for the return of TNG to TV

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Worf's an average character, and got the short end of the stick in the movies(cliche lines and comic relief), but he had 11 seasons of regular development, and frankly I think most of his potential has been realized. If there's to be a new series, it shouldn't be centered on him.
I think he had a lot more potential than just the "Honor! Honor! Honor!" we mostly got. (Thanks a heap, Ron Moore.) There were glimpses of some of the potential in some episodes, like when he was willing to let the Romulan captive die much to Picard's dismay, or in "Redemption" when after Kurn told him it was the Klingon way to kill his enemy after his enemy's defeat he told Kurn, "I know, but it is not my way." By the time of the films, they just gave up entirely. A shame, really, as Worf could have been a much more important character in the films.
I'll agree there. Him letting the Romulan die was one of the most "woah!" moments in TNG I can remember. To me Worf was the outsider, who read up on Klingon ways and customs, but at the core never understood how they behaved and adopted human core values no matter how much he projected his Klingon exterior. Had they explored that side more, it would've been cool but yeah... Worf as is, is just a case of overcompensation.
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