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Re: Kurtzman Defends Star Trek Into Darkness

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I don't think it's just the "extreme vocal internet minority". Go to Rotten Tomatoes and read the positive reviews. Most of them, while praising the movie ding the writers for rehashing old stuff.
What was it they rehashed, though? Was TWOK a rehash of "Space Seed"? Of course, not. STiD is not a rehash of TWOK. If anything, it turns "Space Seed" on its ear, and does something new with it.

That said, I'm not talking the people who generally liked it, but had a few complaints, I'm talking the people Kurtzman is trying address: the rabid "fans" who push against the writers like they are evil incarnate; or the ones that slam J.J. and insult him in the worst way, or how they blast fans of the movie like they're intellectually stunted, or inferior. Those "fans" aren't healthy for any fandom, though they do exist in every fandom. I don't think Kurtzman or Orci should give them any airtime at all. They will hate him anyway, they will vehemently disagree with him anyway. To give them recognition is to give them validity in their own minds, and that will just make it worse.
STID is not a rehash of either. I don't mind that they found Khan on the Botany Bay.

What chapped my arse personally was the rip-off/reversal at the end of the movie and their butchering the Spock character.

I agree though, I've been on the message boards long enough to realize this fan base can be the worst for no reason at all. Remember the death threats because they were going to kill off Spock?

I think they know they screwed up here, or at least as evidenced by the article, feel they need to explain themselves.
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