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Re: Kurtzman Defends Star Trek Into Darkness

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Honestly, he shouldn't have to defend anything. The film is a success, it's popular, it's well liked by most fans. The only reason he probably feels this way is because of an extreme vocal internet minority, who seem to hate anything that even evinces the prospect of change. Such fans tend to be implacable, so it's best to ignore them. Focus on what's good instead.
This ^ These people turned out a fun and profitable movie, and they get treated like crap for it.

There are times I'm embarrassed for our fandom the way the vocal minority has become the "face" of it.
Me to seer.

But they are getting "shit on" here because they "went where no trek writer should have gone".

They gave themselves a clean slate for storytelling and robbed one of, if not the most emotional iconic moment of all trek. (at least the movies).

I'll side with the faithful here.
Thing, ever since TWOK Trek has been riding that them every chance they got. There must have been a well worn Cliff Notes copy of Moby Dick in the Star Trek writer's office back in the day.
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