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Re: Are we forgetting why Spock is a great character?

Well, Spock(prime) was emotionally "compromised" in ST09 as well. He didn't go off on an illogical emotional rampage.

They've completely lost nuSpock.

In STID, he loses a "friend" that he's been at odds with and hated so he does what?

1. Balls and screams "Khan"

2. Flies TOWARDS EARTH with Khan and the Vengeance in tow for no apparent reason whatsoever.

3. Goes all Incredible Hulk on Khan with the intent of killing him.

That is in no way "Spock". Unless of course he's experiencing Pon-far and is in a blind uncontrollable rage or somehow ingested Trellium-D.

Not the Spock we all know and love.

Nothing in "nu" Trek should have changed the character.
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