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Because S31 confiscated it then made its use by anyone else illegal?
They are hardly in a position to do that, because Section 31 is not actually part of the government. They're a criminal conspiracy, a rogue element. Nothing more.
In Star Trek Into Darkness, Admiral Marcus freely tells his collected cadre of Starship commanders that it (Section 31) is essentially Starfleet's intelligence division.

Now, you could argue that "Oh, Marcus only said that because he knew Khan would show up to kill all of them," but as I recall, Marcus and Khan weren't exactly working together anymore and it was Kirk who figured it out mere moments before Khan showed up in his little fighter to blast away Pike and everyone else. So clearly even if Marcus threw 31 under the bus to explain away Khan, its a big "tell" that all those starship captains now know about it if all the organization is happens to be a criminal element.

How then, do you qualify Section 31 a "criminal conspiracy" and "nothing more" when it's been established that it was part of the Federation charter and in this very film as being entirely legit?
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