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Re: STAR TREK the enemy of LOST IN SPACE?

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I've found Trek movies to be too action-obsessed ever since TWOK. TMP was an attempt to make ST into thoughtful SF cinema in the vein of 2001 or Silent Running, but by that point, Star Wars had introduced a new paradigm and the pressure was on for every SF movie to be about action and space battles, and Trek succumbed to that pressure from TWOK onward. It's one of the reasons why Trek movies in general are rarely among the best examples of Trek storytelling -- the nature and expectations of SF movies in the modern era tend to work against the franchise's strengths.
Agreed. Well said.

But that's not the only reasons JJ treks are a huge fail in my estimation.
To me they have more in common with TRANSFORMERS films than with TOS; they're action movies whose scripts are built around (and out of) action set pieces, one right after the other. You can feel when you're at the beginning of a set piece, in the middle, at the end, and when the next one starts. It's predictable. One after another after another. It used to be that a film script would provide rising action throughout the film; the actions scenes would be the payoff, have more power because of the build-up. Now action rises, falls; rises, falls; rises, falls; at a steady and prediactable rate. It makes for a really flat movie experience.

For someone who claims not to have known anything about screenplay structure, Nick Meyer structured TWoK perfectly. That kind of structure has virtually gone out the window now, and I think it's a shame. It's not JJ Abrams' fault, that's just the way action movies are made these day.

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If it were to become nothing but an exercise in nostalgia for the past, that would be a terrible fate for it.
And that right there is why I just can't get into the fan series. More power to the writers, director, actors doing these things; clearly they're in it for the love. But I want Trek to be more than a self-referential fanwank.
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