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Re: Article by Dayton Ward - Ten novels for the New Star Trek Novel Re

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All of that said, E:TFA also reads as though there was a planned sequel to the book that never materialized. What became of the Phalanx and Koronin and all that?
Richard Arnold. By things both said and unsaid in the interviews in "Voyages of Imagination", it seems to me that Vonda McIntyre's ST IV novelization hit some major friction/resistance, and she departed the ST franchise.
I've read an interview with McIntyre where she talked about how, midway through writing the novelization, Paramount suddenly demanded an outline. She had never had to submit an outline before, and she told her editor that she could either stop what she was doing and produce an outline or she could finish the book by the deadline, but she couldn't do both. The editor had her finish the book.

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Was that also about the time she (and other Trek novelists) wrote a "Star Wars" novel?
The Crystal Star, of which I will say absolutely nothing out of politeness because I cannot say anything nice, came out in 1994, eight years after her last Star Trek work.
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