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Re: Hypothetical World War III

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I am grimly curious about the timeline that was created by the death of Gabriel Bell.
Perhaps in this timeline, the Vulcans didn't help with the post-WW III cleanup and rebuilding like they presumably did in the real one.

I'm just guessing that they did, anyway. I find it extremely unlikely that Earth could have recovered so quickly from an all-out nuclear war (which most agree would completely destroy all civilization - indeed, all life - if it were to happen), with ALL MAJOR CITIES REBUILT, in only a hundred years. Hell, it'd take a hundred years to rebuild just ONE city, let alone all of them! Look at how long it takes to build a typical skyscraper right now, in peacetime...then multiply that by a factor of a thousand or so.

Then again, in one ENT episode, Soval says that the Vulcans are wary of humanity precisely because they recovered from WW III in only a century, whereas Vulcan took a thousand years to do the same after its last major war. Which suggests that the Vulcans didn't help after all.

Dammit. I don't know how to resolve this.
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