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^You do know that TNG used a similar "subspace transporter" for exactly one episode ("Bloodlines") and then completely forgot about it?

And that transwarp beaming was written out of Trek (in this timeline at least) in this film anyway - confiscated from Scotty by Section 31 whose R+D facility in London was then destroyed.
This is Section 31 we're talking about and since Khan stole a transwarp transporter device, it could very be likely that Section 31 made duplicates. Heck if they could make a virus which the Founders could not cure then Section 31 seems very capable at reverse engineering technologies and coming up with new ones.

Also I'm sure they have other top secret R 'n' D facilities out there. If they did duplicate the transwarp transporter device then Section 31 must have scattered their stockpile of these devices.

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