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Shocker I won't be buying the DVD which makes this the first Star Trek movie EVER that I won't own.

Here's my take on the DVD: The 800 Pound Gorilla
I disagree with your blog.

The transwarp transporter makes starships no more obsolete than the transporter makes shuttles obsolete.
The transwarp transporter is a bit like the Iconian Gateway. If it can really take objects and people from A to B, in the galaxy, in a blink of an eye then it considerably reduces the purposes of starships. The transwarp transporter is not only capable of working across large distances, but it can probably beam through shields and target objects moving at high velocity.

With a large enough transwarp transporter it could probably transport whole ships from A to B. Enemy ships attacking the Federation? Beam them into the centres of stars. Want to send a starship hundreds of light years away? Transport it! The transwarp transporter is a device as potent as warp drive for totally revolutionizing a civilization. I'm surprised the Federation is not fully utilising its potential in the JJ universe.
That's the thing, though. In the Prime universe, this same type of technology exists, yet is never or only seldom used.
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