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Re: Starfleet is the U.S. Coast Guard

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Squid is US Military slang for a sailor.
Squids - Sailors
Zoomies - Air Force
Jarheads - Marines
Puddle Pirates - Coast Guard
GIs - Soldiers
Nah, Soldiers are Grunts or Ground Pounders.
within the Army, Grunt or Ground-Pounder is usually refferring specifically to the Infantry. Other branches of the Army get their own names:

Treadheads - Armor
Gun bunnies or Cannon Cockers - Artillery
BB-Stackers - Ordnance
Wrench Turners - mechanics
Chairborne Rangers - admin specialties and/or any REMF*
Any medic is called "Doc" whether they hold an MD or not

(*=Rear Echelon Mother-F&cker)
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