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Re: Article by Dayton Ward - Ten novels for the New Star Trek Novel Re

Allyn Gibson wrote: View Post
It's not my favorite Star Trek novel by any means, but I've enjoyed reading and rereading Enterprise: The First Adventure over the years.
Although I've only read the novel twice (I recall a lot of fans really hating the first contact aliens and dismissing the circus troupe - especially Spock's blond cousin, Stephen, seemingly a forerunner of Sybok? - when the book first came out), it is interesting that I've probably played the audio book more often than any other ST audio book. At only 90 minutes, it is hugely abridged (later, many of the longer novels received longer audio productions), but it's a fun adaptation.

All of that said, E:TFA also reads as though there was a planned sequel to the book that never materialized. What became of the Phalanx and Koronin and all that?
Richard Arnold. By things both said and unsaid in the interviews in "Voyages of Imagination", it seems to me that Vonda McIntyre's ST IV novelization hit some major friction/resistance, and she departed the ST franchise.

Was that also about the time she (and other Trek novelists) wrote a "Star Wars" novel?

... the book was certainly laying the groundwork for more exploration of those ideas and characters, only that exploration never happened.
Agreed. I'd quite forgotten that.
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