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Re: Starfleet is the U.S. Coast Guard

I have a story to tell. Believe it or not, but it is the truth. In 1986 I was stationed in Seattle, and during my off time, I pounded out a novel for Start Trek (as seemed to be the going trend, and I thought I had a winner, chuckle). After being turned down by multiple literary agents due to lack of recognition in the literary world, I took a chance. Taking a page from Gene Roddenberry's bio, I kind of broke the rules. I used my abilities as a federal law enforcement officer to track down the private phone number of the Roddenberry family. After several hours, I made the call.

A woman answered the phone and said "This is Majel, can I help you?" I identified myself as a special agent, but my reason for calling was to ask about how to present a Star Trek story for publishing, and this was personal, not official. You could have heard a pin drop lol.

Then she said "One moment please."

A man came to the phone and said "This is Gene, sir, how can I help you?"

Needless to say, he pointed out the futility of my going to him for Novel publication (I was so damn na´ve), but he spent time asking me about my service and was quite the gentleman, and encouraged me to continue in my writing endeavors. He gave me a great deal of advice (common sense advice). I felt like an idiot.

Then he said to me "Do you like the Enterprise?" I said I watched it from 13 September 1966, and have watched it over and over. He asked, "What do you think of the colors?" I laughed and said (to my vanity over my service) that the pearl white hull with the red and blue stripes around the rim reminded me of the Coast Guard...

He chuckled, and then said "You are correct." "Science, aids to navigation, protecting the environment, search and rescue, law enforcement and defense...these are what it is based on." He also called us Hooligans, with a laugh.

We concluded our conversation.

I spoke with the man for over an hour, and heard it from him. The Enterprise is based on the US Coast Guard and missions.

And Starfleet security? I may have had something to do with that...sorry Doctor McCoy...
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