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Re: Not real Star Trek

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Like STV, Roddenberry considered VI to be apocraphyl, believeing his 23rd century Starfleet officers to be beyond things like racism (this coming decades after "Balance of Terror". Roddenberry was some what of a revisionist and admitted to such in interviews)
I re-checked, Roddenberry did not like the script and made the comment you were describing. Of course, as a reflection of contemporary culture, there was racism during the time of "Balance of Terror" and by 1991 most of it was gone, so maybe GR felt that this didn't reflect enough in the story and Starfleet of ST VI.

But I realize that my "Roddenberry approved" approach isn't a good one, especially regarding TMP (that's not "real" Trek either, but a nice and extensive introduction of the new girl we are going to spend the subsequent 5 movies on and with).

But since TMP is essentially a remake of "The Changeling" and since you mentioned "Balance of Terror", why is ST II not essentially a remake of this TOS episode?

I think it's fair to say that "Balance of Terror" is one of the all-time favorite TOS episodes, while "The Wrath of Khan" is one or the all-time favorite TOS movie.

However and IMHO there is a decisive difference between the two: BoT focuses on the inner conflicts of the protagonists (= "real" Star Trek) while ST II doesn't (conflict of egos and/or ideologies).

The TOS Kirk was touched by the death of a crew member, the ST II Kirk is touched by a dying crew member, and despite all the misery and death he's seen and for which he shared responsibility it comes down to that:

A bite into a fruit followed by "All right. I don't like to lose."

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