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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Atomic Bombs. Used by some species in warfare, to some not very nice consequences.
B is for Bajoran terrorists.
C is for the Capellan kligat.
D is for Darmok.
E is for Edosian suckerfish.
F is for Federation Funny Farm.
G is for the Gorlan uprising in the Mirror Universe.
H is for Halkan pacifism in the Mirror Universe.
I is for Imperial Terran aggression in the Mirror Universe.
J is for Jem'Hadar Florists in the Mirror Universe.
K is for Kirk's sleeveless Imperial tunic in the Mirror Universe.
L is for Ligonian love of mayonaise in the Mirror Universe.
M is for Marlena Moreau, the Captain's Woman aboard the I.S.S. Enterprise in the Mirror Universe.
N is for Nyota Uhura's exposed belly-button in the Mirror Universe.
O is for Overt plotting by bloodthirsty starship officers in the Mirror Universe.
P is for Pretense that one is from the Mirror Universe when suddenly thrown into the Mirror Universe.
Q is for Quark from the Mirror Universe. Mirror Garak had him put to death when it was learned he had helped aid Mirror Ben Sisko and the Rebels.
R is for the Revealing female starfleet uniforms. Showing off toned abs and the bellybuttons of our favorite female crewmembers. Yumm.
S is for Starfleet General Order 1 - also known as the Prime Directive, enacted at some point after the Horizon incident of 2168.
T is for T'Pol's bumm,... and abs,...and great hair. In the Mirror Universe.
U is for Uhura. Did she really not have a first name through all of Prime Trek??
V is for Valiant, the name of at least three warp-powered ships since the first faster-than-light spaceflight in 2063.
W is for Wallace. Dr. Janet Wallace. One of Kirk's old girlfriends.
X is for Xindi test weapon pilot, a Reptillian who volunteered for the mission and died after the attack was completed.
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