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Re: Absolute worst character in DS9 History: Ezri Dax

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I always thought Jadzia was overrated too. Terry Farrel is definitely cute, but the character's personality was just so... random. There were like three different versions of her and none of them merged together well. The aloof smart person who can figure out anything, the party girl who gets drunk and plays tongo with Quark, and the avenging valkyrie who fights with and hangs out with Klingons.

And chalking that off to the symbiont is just a cop out. Jadzia herself said in Playing God when she was training that Trill Initiate that while the symbiont influences them, the host is supposed to be disciplined enough to define themselves over it.
I blame Farrell for the most part. She is gorgeous, no doubt, but her acting chops are thin. She's pretty much admitted that she needed the help of the other actors (Brooks, Shimmerman, and Dorn in particular) to pull it off as well as she did.
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