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Re: V'Ger 6 + "more than three hundred years"

Mario de Monti wrote: View Post
I also think, that the "more than three hundred years" line shouldn´t be taken to literally.

What bothers me a lot more in this "revelation scene" is the explanation, that Voyager 6 supposedly entered a black hole. That would place a black hole in rather close proximity to our solar system, since it took Voyager 2 about 12 years to even reach Neptune and Voyager 6 must have reached the black hole within the ominous three hundred year time-span.
Voyager-6 was equipped with an early impulse engine not too unlike those used on the DY-100 ships of that time. It was able to quickly overtake all five of the five previous Voyager probes prior to its disappearance.
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