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Re: Absolute worst character in DS9 History: Ezri Dax

Well okay, I'll defend Jadzia, who is apparently not overrated at this point in the thread! Ouch! I did like Jadzia (though Kira is hotter)! :P To me, Worf was the key to bringing out the fun/spontaneous side of her personality/personalities. She was perhaps just a pretty face with brains in the beginning, but Worf really showed us how fun she could be. Plus she warmed up to the crew by then. The writing improved for her and I her acting improved and loosened up as well. She was fun when she wanted to be, feisty when she needed to be, impulsive when she was passionate about something (sometimes to a fault), but a good ear and counsel when friends needed her, and smart when it comes to solutions to big problems (but this "good at everything/know-it-all" trait is common with most Trek crew characters, so it's not unique). She did at times seem to have multiple personalities (though not as much as Ezri, and understandably so), and while Trill are "supposed to" be disciplined enough to define themselves over it, Jadzia was not always able to practice the discipline, and then sometimes she just chose not to. Yes, I liked Jadzia a lot, especially in the second half of her time on DS9. I was disappointed when she left the show and was replaced, so I really hated Ezri during the first watch. But on the re-watch she grew on me. And I'm glad they at least introduced a new female character in her place, even though it did slow down the progression of the story a bit.
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