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Re: Stephen King's Under the Dome - TV Series Discussion Thread

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And... what the heck happened? After all that, that's what they give us as a finale? Really? That's really weak. I don't even really know what happened, just know that stuff happened, and it's not exactly making me want to watch a second season if there is one. Talk about unrewarding and unsatisfying. This show doesn't deserve a second season.
I wonder if they had shot everything as a single season show and then the order for the 2nd season came in, and they had to re-edit the original ending into a cliff hanger. But yeah, very unsatisfying.

That's what I thought too. For awhile, they were advertising it as a miniseries, which it should have stayed as. I'm not sure how miniseries work, but I'm under the assumption that once it's been ordered, that they have to air it as miniseries are often made for specific networks in mind, so if that's the case, they would have been safer to keep it as a miniseries. I doubt anyone's going to be watching the second season after last night's finale.

I expected at least one answer last night, but nothing was really explained at all, other than the pretty purple stars. They gave us an answer in the form of special effects, as if that would really answer anything concrete, instead of answering some of the bigger questions like why Big Jim has such a personal stake in all this and why he's trying to keep everyone from finding out the secrets.

But I now know that answers were just too big a burden for this show. When you look at it as a whole, it was rather nonsensical all the way through, with no driving narrative to keep things together, so if they'd wanted to answer things, they would have had to actually think logically and have the characters behave rationally. Everything seemed to have been thrown around without a care for any plot or connection to anything else in the series.
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