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Re: Star Trek: The Doomsday Machine - Special Edition Screencaps

The maintenance deck is finished; now I'm attacking the main hangar deck. I'm trying to figure out what to do with this blank area between the starboard alcoves:

On the port side of the hangar we have the "FUELING STATION" sign, the row of six fuel nozzles, and the storage locker beneath the nozzles, which nicely fills an otherwise blank wall, but on the opposite starboard wall there's nothing between the alcoves... at least on the 1966 Matt Jefferies blueprints and Richard Datin's studio model. On the 2007 CGI model, though, there is what appears to be a windowed control room, along with what looks like another footlocker and some wall do-hickeys.

Regarding the control room idea: never mind the fact that "in real life" there's not enough volumetric space available for a room of any appreciable width, it also seems kind of redundant. The hangar deck already has twin control booths on either side of the clamshell doors (you can see one of them in the right foreground above), and possibly a third aft-facing booth under the dome structure on the ass end of the secondary hull. Adding a third/fourth control room to the hangar seems like overkill to me.

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