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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

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It seems odd that NBC would have no issue with a dark-skin man/light-skin woman romance (Space Seed) but would have an issue with a light-skin man/dark-skin woman romance (The Alternative Factor).
Hm. I hadn't thought of this before, but network aside, it's not a surprise that a studio run by Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz would not having a problem with a Mexican man romancing a white redhead.

EDIT: And I see somebody beat me to that thought.
I can see where Desilu wouldn't have had an issue with it, but I was more interested in why NBC seemed to have an issue with one but not the other? Normally I would think the he's "not black but latino", would work. But they definitely darkened Montalban's skin for the role.
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