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Re: only today (Sept 16th)

They are finished, Miss Chicken. The link is now dead.
It took 20 hours to get the ship back up. Several hundred international specialists were involved and the whole action cost 600.000 million Euros - almost a billion Dollars. She's being stabilized now and will anchor there for the next half year until she will finally get towed away in spring, after the storm season.

That'll presumably be a good deal earlier than the trial against the captain will end. It started a few weeks ago and he offered to plead guilty to having caused bodily harm if he's guaranteed a penalty of 3 1/2 years at maximum.
I'm glad to say the court didn't accept that offer. This guy killed 32 people and injured several hundred, destroyed a ship twice the size of the Titanic, polluted the environment, didn't bother about the evacuation of his passengers (mostly elderly people) and was among the first to leave the ship. In my opinion he should get the full 25 years and be whipped daily.
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