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Re: Is the USS Vengeance more powerful than the Enterprise E?

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How did the impact of such a large object not cause an unimaginable tsunami?
You mean when the Vengeance hit San Francisco Bay towards the end of the movie?

Two things, one San Francisco Bay isn't very deep, and two the Vengeance hit at such an angle that it basically skidded across the surface. If it had dove into the water it would have struck the bottom and flipped over. Debatably the ends of the engine nacelles might not have reached the shore line. It certainly wouldn't have tore into those buildings.

My anwser to the OP, the Enterprise E century of technological advantage would make it's shields impervious to all of the Vengeance's antique weapons, the Vengeance would be carved up unless it surrendered. Nor would the Vengeance have the speed to run away.

Any attempt to attack would be considered "charming."

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