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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

77. Pi: C-
78. Riddick: B+
79. Percy Jackson: Lightning Thief: B
80. The World's End: C+
81. The Other Woman: B

Starring Natalie Portman as, The Other Woman, who in this instance draws a married man out of his marriage(Jack), with Lisa Kudrow(Carolyn). Portman's character, Emilia or Em, has trouble relating to her stepson(Will) who has his own quirky tendencies. She also has her own set of daddy issues. He cheated on her mom with high class call girls back when Emilia was pre-teen. Emilia also has something of a short temper which doesn't sit well when the stepson, husband or her father are being difficult. Adding to the drama her mother is warming back up to her ex-husband. Which infuriates Emilia to no end. Emilia gets pregnant has the baby and the baby dies of SIDS(Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). This pushes Emilia and Jack apart to the point of divorce also. Meanwhile Carolyn has been moving on as well and is set to get married at the movies end. Will isn't sure how to process all of this and the beginnings of a reconciliation seem to be starting at movies end with Jack and Will.

It's well acted and I give it the B for that but since it's not a fun movie or one I'd want to re-watch then this is as high a grade as I go. A grade films have to have re-watchability as one criteria to get that grade for me.
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