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Re: Drive: Utter destruction of B'Elanna Torres

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Love-hate on this ep for me.

I loved the idea of an interstellar race & loved how the crew got into it.

I was well nigh exhausted by the childishness of both Tom & B'Elanna by that point. Yep, he's a selfish, childish bastard who thinks only about his good times. We get it.

However, when something like this comes up, B'Elanna could have a little more understanding of the guy she's involved with.

I spent a good portion of this episode yelling "Grow up, already" at the both of them.
I think she did have an understanding of it. That's why she told him to go be in the race and they would do their holodeck weekend another time.

I disagree with you about Tom too. He's a PILOT and there is a giant race, he got really excited about it and forgot their plans, it's happened. I've done that myself. But as soon as she mentioned that they did have plans he immediately said he would skip the race.
That's why I said she should have been more understanding. Yeah, she told him to do the race--and then spent all that time pouting about how they were so incompatible and he didn't care about her and yadda yadda sob.

Yes, real life relationships go that way. I get bored with friends who whine about the same crap with their husbands for year after year after year after year as well.

I'm just not a huge fan of Tom & B'Elanna.
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