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Re: Not real Star Trek

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
Here's an interesting question: At what point does a popular fiction take on a life apart from its original creator?

Would Arthur Conan Doyle have approved of Watson being re-invented as a stylish Asian woman? Who knows?
There's a quote somewhere on, where Doyle, supposedly when asked if Watson could be made female for a stage play, replied "do whatever you want with him."
(someone's gone an updated the site and I can't find the exact quote anymore. Grrrr.)
Robert Comsol wrote:
I for one am confident he would have liked Nick Meyer's ST VI
Like STV, Roddenberry considered VI to be apocraphyl, believeing his 23rd century Starfleet officers to be beyond things like racism (this coming decades after "Balance of Terror". Roddenberry was some what of a revisionist and admitted to such in interviews)
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