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Re: Fast & Furious 7 - Lucas Black returns to franchise

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I seriously hate that guy. I cannot STAND his thick Southern accent. Ugh. And I hated the third movie. I like the continuity, but... ugh.
I wouldn't worry too much, Diesel and Walker should continue to be the leads. I see Lucas Black being more of a supporting character.

I thought Lucas Black was fine in TD, though he wasn't quite strong enough to carry that movie on his own.
Which is why Han was the actual breakout star.. i loved how they kept referencing Han wanting to go to Tokyo and him postponing it each time (and it always broke my heart a little because i really like the character and was shocked when he died in the movie).

I find Black's southern accent hilarious so news of him returning is good news to me. It's also very easy to include him given the after credits scene of FF6 and the way FF3 ended.

As has been said the even bigger news is that there are apparently 3 more movies locked in which can also be good news if they can keep to the formula and every once in a while rotate some out and some in to keep it fresh. My only wish is they'd tone down the ridiculous stunts a bit.. tanks and Matrix like action scenes is over the top even for Fast and Furious (and killed the Die Hard movies for me when McLane started to battle fighter jets).

Cool cars, awesome driving, even cooler music all mixed together with some cool one liners.. that's Fast and Furious.
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