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Re: Not real Star Trek

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But wouldn't this reasoning eliminate DS9, Voyager, and pretty much every movie except the first one? Please don't tell that The Wrath of Khan doesn't count as "real" Trek!
Very good questions! Would Roddenberry have felt the necessity to introduce comic reliefs like Quark or Neelix? Would Roddenberry have felt good about a Star Trek film whose basic premise was vengeance, retribution and battle action? (on the other hand, I for one am confident he would have liked Nick Meyer's ST VI)

There used to be a distinction between Star Wars and Star Trek and I liked it because I love both just as I love apples and oranges (however, having been an actifan back in those days collaborating in fan magazines about both universes I was always told "You can't have cake and eat it, too" ).

Anyway, I had my apple and orange pie, but the road Star Trek has taken since Roddenberry's departure tastes like apple pie most of the time and I miss the "real" orange flavor, metaphorically speaking.

An overemphasis on space battles and VFX not make Star Trek "real" as the other character with pointed ears from the other universe would have probably said.

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