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Re: Drive: Utter destruction of B'Elanna Torres

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WOW. I haven't watched this episode in years, but did Torres take a bottle of ambien? She's so quiet and wispy and whiny. 7 years of a hostile Klingon to THIS? I felt EMBARRASSED for Roxanne.
I think this was a good episode for her. It wasn't that she was "wispy and whiny" but just very upset and dissapointed when Tom forgot their plans. In the mess hall scene she was coming to the realization that they weren't a good fit and was probably quite upset about it. That's why she seemed quiet. (plus based on her scratchy voice in that scene I think Roxann was sick) but I think she played it great and it was really good for the character

I actually like this episode a lot. Harry goes after the wrong girl again, the priceless look on Tom's face when he sees B'Elanna instead of Harry board the Flyer, and of course I'm a sap for the "mushy stuff"

and isn't it funny....people comlain that she acted too agressive, and when she's not people comlain about that too. I tell ya, Voyager can never win.
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