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Re: Article by Dayton Ward - Ten novels for the New Star Trek Novel Re

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I totally agree with all of those choices by Dayton, and my only quibble with the readers' suggestions would be "Enterprise: The First Adventure", simply because Vonda McIntyre's "The Entropy Effect" (a real page-turner) and novelizations for ST II and III are vastly superior.
A great list, thanks for the link.

I have to agree with Therin here. I wasn't impressed with "Enterprise: The First Adventure" which was odd as I've loved the vast majority of Vonda's Trek novels. Most especially "The Entropy Effect".
I think Enterprise: The First Adventure is one of the only ones on that list I haven't read yet.

Oh, and Articles of the Federation. But I'm doing a (slow) re-read of the A Time To... series, and will get to it eventually! It's one of my great shames that I've never read Articles...
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