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Re: Who is the worst character in any of the trek series?

TOS: Oh all the main credits ones are great everyone loves the big three! I don't dislike any of the characters apart from I with a bit more had happened with Chapel. She was kinda like 'I luv Spock' a few times and that was it really.
TNG: Wesley is just ugh. He bores me and I think he's a bit of a teachers pet. And he has hideous jumpers.
DS9: Quark. I know lots of people really like him and think he brings a new point of view and goes 'ugh you just don't like him coz he's Ferengi' but I genuinely think he's awful. I don't mind other Ferengis - Moogie, Nog, Rom, Nagus ad I quite liked the Magnificent Seven episode but Quark is just horrible and selfish and yuck.
JJ Abrams: Mmmm... dunno. Don't like Uhura that much really
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