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Re: TOS Caption Contest #277: That Which Captions

Sulu: Captain, this rock is remarkable!
Kirk: Indeed, Sulu
(thinking) I wonder where I could get a haircut like that...
McCoy: (thinking) I wonder where Jim could get a haircut like that...

Bones: "He's not dead, Jim."

Kirk: Beam us up, quickly Mr Scot! This planet is affecting us all! (bursts into tears) It's so depressing!
Spock: What... is love?

McCoy: Jim, help! He's controlling my eyebrows!
Kirk: Leave his eyebrows alone or I WILL SHOOT YOOOU!!

Scotty: Oh Mr Spock, it's the middle panel. It doesn't light up! DOESN'T LIGHT UP I TELL YOU! WHYYYYYYYYYY?????!!
Spock: Doctor McCoy, come quickly, I think the effects from that planet have reached the ship
Scotty: WWHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYY???????????!?!?!?!?!
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