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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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Now that it's obvious there won't be an announcement today, GB has fallen to wondering why Ian Levine thought there might be. "But wait," you're saying, "didn't he explain that he got it from GB?" Well, yes, he did. But because people are still fixed on the notion that big name fans have secret information, they're declaring that he can't have just gotten it from GB, that he must have heard something else somewhere. Just like three months ago, when even after he confirmed the only "evidence" he'd seen was the shipping ticket people insisted he had to have something else, wouldn't have believed on so flimsy a basis. It's like they know nothing about the man's personality.
This September 17th thing is a good example of the reinforcement loop that's happening with the Omnirumour.

What starts out as someone's speculation on one BBS gets picked up by other people and passed around on social media and other BBSes, but the fact that it's only speculation gets lost, so that people who don't know the origins of the speculation begin to treat it as fact, whereupon still more sites pick it up and it moves on.
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