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Re: Khan Side By Side Review

The whole point of Blu-ray was simple but ambitious---collect the all versions of a movie and present them with the best clarity and color accuracy possible and in the case of 'claasic' titles have a plethora of nice bonus features....

The TWOK Blu-ray fails in every respect.

Collects only one version of the 3 versions of the film.
(which everyone at the time scoffed at, saying 'don't worry the inevitable double dip will be here soon'---it's been 4 years and they just missed their best marketing opportunity until the 50th anniversary in 2016--7 years since the first release.)

Incorrect color timing.

Lack of proper extras such as deleted scenes, out-takes, and a commentary from a solid Trek/movie expert--as opposed to simply the director and a 'celebrity fan'.

Elimination of previous extras---such as the text commentary by the Okudas

Okay, TWOK isn't Citizen Kane, but it's the Trek standard and a classic of the genre---too bad Paramount didn't sell off the property years ago.

Ironically TWOK isn't the worst offender in the TOS movie Blu-rays as the other 5 don't even have a proper restoration of the original film elements.

TOS Blu-ray collection = fail.
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