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Re: V'Ger 6 + "more than three hundred years"

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I never did like how people take lines like "such-and-such happened two hundred years ago" and assume the characters always meant that was the exact amount of time that had passed.
Yeah, that really bugged me about the Okuda Chronology. Like how they put the Valiant's flight to the edge of the galaxy in 2065, just a few years after the first prototype warp flight, in order to put it exactly 200 years before the second pilot, rather than assuming it was rounded up from 170 years or something. Or the way they stretched out the third, fourth, and fifth movies to be a year apart, in direct contradiction to the internal evidence, apparently in order to justify Nimbus III being exactly 20 years old in TFF rather than rounding it down to 18 or thereabouts. (And yet they put TWOK 18 years after "Space Seed" instead of the explicitly stated 15.)
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