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Re: Kirk & Marcus - Next Film Thoughts?

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Kirk's life and love is the Enterprise, and no woman will replace her. He can't have both.
and yet, as much as I hate the Kirk the womanizer trope I also hate this idea that he's married to the enterprise.
It's a pet peeve of mine.

I know that from my previous comment you can tell I don't really want a Kirk/Carol romance in the next movie but it's just that I don't think they can truly develop another romance only in the last movie when the existing romance of this trilogy (that is there since the first movie) is already very subtle. With S/U at least you have the plot device that they were already a couple when the story started so you don't need to see how they got together (which is honestly the genius here) and it isn't the be all and the end of all of the story.

If this was a television series then I'd be all for a Kirk/romance but since there is - possibly- only one movie left I don't want existing relationships to get sacrificed just for the sake of adding more things to develop when you have hardly the time develop the existing ones. Aside from S/U (whom I find more interesting as a romance than any possible human/human romances I could get with Kirk) take the Kirk/Bones friendship too for example (and my naive hope to see more interactions between the secondary characters)
In short: Quality >>> quantity.
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