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Re: when will they learn that a Manual Override can never be Offline?

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Apart from the 10,000 volts in their keyboards that explode and the endless steam lines that run all over the bridge waiting to start venting as soon as a torpedo hits, what drives me nuts about Trek combat scenes is the inevitable:

random ensign: "The shields are out/engines off/engines gone wild/insert crisis here!"

captain: "Engage the manual override!"

random ensign: "I cant sir, the manual override is offline!"

Well it can't be, its a MANUAL system. In modern day you push a button to lower your aircraft landing gear, if the computer either does nothing or reports back that your landing gear are not responding, you don't keep pushing the buttons, instead you go to your manual override which is a hand crank that lowers the gear.

Trek seems to have only automatic manual systems!
"Offline" is often the Trek term for "not working." After all, on Voyager, the toilets once went "offline."
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