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Re: What Happens After Death

I was born Christian but after watching TNG as a kid I got into science. I started reading a lot and decided to read the bible (a good read from an mythological stand point) and found many contradictions. I went to my pastor, asked 'How would the bible explain dinosaur bones?', he replied 'The devil put them there to test your faith.', where I replied 'The devil has a TIME-MACHINE!?!', and my faith fell apart after that. As an agnostic, I looked into other religions, read a few other religious books, traced back the histories of religion (the Egyptian deity Horus debunked Jesus for me), and couldn't find anything that worked along with science. I'm not searching because of fear, in fact I don't fear death (and would rather see it coming), just curious to see if anyone is close to finding the equation for reality. I won't say their isn't a force out there keeping the universe in balance but even science can only go so far in explaining things.
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