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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

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I suspect that if the situation became necessary to jettison the A/M pods or the core, the ship would be doing anything BUT accelerating.
Ha, you make a good point.
Sorry, but - no.

What was the TOS Enterprise doing in "That Which Survives"?

She was accelerating to Warp 10 or 11 (IIRC) because antimatter was streaming into the matter-antimatter integrator (reaction chamber?) and they couldn't shut off the stream because Losira had sabotaged it. The fail-safe mechanisms apparently were programmed to inject reaction matter and as a result so much energy was fed into the warp engines that the structural integrity of the ship was severely compromised. Either Scotty was able to shut off the antimatter flow or he would have been jettisoned, either with just the antimatter pod or the whole engineering core assembly (IMHO).

Back to Excelsior's neck (sorry, can't let go of this). The black thing at the connecting dorsal's stern is annotated as "photon exhaust" in the Official TMP Blueprints.
The only way I can rationalize this is an exhaust to get rid of photons or gamma rays and could have something to do with the vertical intermix chamber coil nearby. The whole thing sounds rather exotic and strange to me.

If it's connected with the intermix shaft, this could be a lead interpreting what the outer structure of Excelsior's neck (and the sides of its nacelles) is good for.
However, it would then appear that Excelsior (in contrast to the Enterprise) has no "space matter" or "space energy" intakes, although the forward thingies in the neck could be space-energy attraction sensors (otherwise absent on the Excelsior).

I'd tend to assume that the back of the neck is "photon exhaust" while the neck's forward structures are space matter / hydrogen intakes but I'm definitely open-minded to listen to other and better interpretations.

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