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Re: Stargate Curious

Thought I would give an update.

Now halfway through Season 6 and the series is proving to be really very enjoyable--the awful clip-shows notwithstanding. As a lifelong Trek fan it takes some getting used to the blatant interference in other cultures and planets (even though most are of human-origin).

I was getting a little tired of Apophis always surviving and coming back, but he looks to be very dead now thankfully. Was a little sad to see Daniel Jackson go (though I know he comes back, the guest appearance after six episodes kinda hints that he wasn't gone for good), but I am really liking Jonas Quinn.

Starting to warm a little more to O'Neill, but he's not my favourite character, thick that'd have to be Carter (VOY should have taken notes, having an intelligent and attractive woman, who is well written and cast, on the cast can get screen time and development without having her clad in a catsuit).

Was very interested to see the X303, an interesting ship though I find it hard to believe it was built so fast and could be operated by just a crew of four.

Anyway that's it for now. Might have to wait for the next paycheque before getting any other seasons.

One question though, would it make sense to watch SG1 and Atlantis at the same time (when the latter starts) or should I just carry on with SG1 before starting Atlantis? Is there much crossover of stories or arcs that go between the two?
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