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Re: Episode of the Week: 3x11 "The Hunted"

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MikeS wrote:
Are you kidding? His government altered him, used him and then threw him away without even trying to rehabilitate him. "These men had families". When you back an animal into a corner it is likely to attack you to try to escape.
"These men had families"

A line never spoken once in the actual episode. Not saying that they didn't have families, but I'm not going to cut this episode any slack for details it did not bother to cover. Maybe if Roga said he had a family that he left so he could volunteer to fight in a war he believed was the right thing to do, well, maybe Roga's motivation for escaping would make more sense than just acting like a generic criminal who just wanted to escape prison.
My bad. I actually wrote this without having seen it recently. The line I was thinking of was Picard's "They're your brother's, your son's". My general opinion still stands though - I don't think the writers need to dot every "i" and cross every "t" when it comes to background information, the audience are clever enough to fill these gaps.

I've only just purchased the blu-ray's, hence my mistake. I look forward to rejoining the rewatch.

Speaking of the blu-ray transfer - I loved the Angosian city. Was it always animated like that (little shuttle pods in the tubes)?
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