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Re: Help me watch the Dominion War

Many thanks to all of you that helped me muddle through Seasons 1-3 of DS9 . The episodes we (my friend and I) saw were all enjoyable and pertinent to our viewing experience. For those that are interested, we watched the following episodes, most of which per y'all's suggestions:

Season 1
Past Prologue
Duet (fantastic episode)
In the Hands of the Prophets

Season 2
Blood Oath (I'm a TOS fan and had to see it)
The Maquis
The Jem'Hadar

Season 3
The Search
The Abandoned
Meridian (upon watching, not necessary. The brief episode description I read had me hoping it would be a hidden Dominion planet of some sorts)
Life Support
Heart of Stone
Improbable Cause
The Die is Cast
The Adversary

All in all, we definitely ended up watching more episodes from seasons 1-3 than I had originally planned, but there are so many complex and overlapping story lines / character arcs that I determined it was necessary to watch so many episodes to truly enjoy and understand the show. For anyone who is curious, we have been watching a few episodes every Monday night (assuming our schedules align and permit), and have just started Season 4. From here on out, we plan to watch all the episodes. Who knows how long it will take to finish the series...!

Thanks again, all!
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