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Re: when will they learn that a Manual Override can never be Offline?

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I'd be more worried about the high rate of failure of the fail safe systems. i.e. the Warp core ejection system. i.e a failure of the ejection system should actually cause the core to be ejected.
Actually, the whole idea of a failsafe system is that if it fails, it remains safe.

As an example, take the brakes on trains here in Sydney. The wheels are turned by electric motors, but the brakes are operate by compressed air. But the air keeps the brakes OFF. That way, if the air system fails, the brakes come on, because there's nothing keeping the brakes off. And so, it's impossible for a train in Sydney to run out of control. The brakes are either working, or they're not. If they're working, then the driver can apply them at any time. And if they aren't working, they're stuck on and the train can't move. So if it fails, it's safe.
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