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Re: Oberth Class the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

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The original VFX model (Grissom) had an overall length of 120 meters according to its creators. That it was "upscaled" for TNG is the logical conclusion of cross-sections established during TNG.
But even if we approached the size in the Thermian way, than this would be at least proof it was "downscaled".
While watching "The Naked Now" I noticed this interesting scaling bit. The Tchaikovsky(sp) is behind the E-D in this shot so that makes this particular TNG Grissom fairly big. I wonder if the TNG New FX version did the same thing?

The remastered shot is pretty close in terms of scale.
I like that they removed the overlap... preserves the scaling of the shot, but allows us to rationalize perspective effects to adjust the scale as needed.
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