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Re: No Radiation Suits In The 23rd Century?

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No. If TWOK Khan had super blood he would have fared better when Kirk blasted Reliant's bridge. Or recovered noticeably during the Genesis countdown sequence. Just no.
Everyone else on that bridge was dead except for Khan, so yes. Just yes.

The blood obviously does not make one immortal, but it does seem to make one more resilient to illness and damage. TWOK and STiD supports this.
I'm still not convinced about Khan in TWOK. In Space Seed, TOS McCoy would have had to have missed this during the course of his tests on Khan while in sickbay.
Maybe he didn't perform the same battery of tests that NuMcCoy did. Khan is aboard the Enterprise under different circumstances in each case. Khan in STID is terrorist/prisoner has exhibited some pretty amazing powers, while in "Space Seed" they had barely scratched the surface of what Khan could do and he is simply a guest.
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