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Re: Dune - The Book and the 1984 film *spoilers for both*

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kirk55555 wrote:
Another thing I noticed is that Frank Herbert got really creepy a few times. I could have done with out the sex references
This isn't unique to Herbert. His whole generation of SF writers tends to be like this.
Dune came out in the '60s, which was the era of the "Dangerous Visions" stories that Harlan Ellison edited. Science fiction novels were getting edgier, and some authors really pushed the boundaries. The original version of Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land wasn't published until relatively recently (not sure what year), because it was too risque for the '60s.

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Yeah, if you want creepy sex stuff, check out Heinlein's later works. Not creepy in the sense that it's explicit....just generally creepy in a "free love carried a bit too far" kind of way. Herbert was decidedly mild by comparison.
What's creepy about multi-generational group marriage (Lazarus, Maureen, and Ira Johnson)?

Or then there's 'Brave New World' which very early on features a scene I won't even describe for fear of the internet police turning up. Suffice to say, if they ever try adapting that one to film again, you can file that scene under "unfilmable."
After seeing the Oz TV series (the prison show), I can't think of anything from Brave New World that would be unfilmable.
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